Ushers – Called to serve the lord and his people with the heart of the servant. To render service to all people; maintaining order and respect for God’s house and his anointing. Ensuring comfort, hospitality, meeting the needs while showing faith the love of God that souls may be saved.

Music Ministry – This ministry is designed with skilled and anointed vessels called to usher in the presence of the Lord with praise, worship, anointed singing, and music to the glory of God.

Youth Ministry – This team of motivated, energetic, and anointed youth inspires God’s people through drama, music, youth explosions, and are destined to win the world to Christ.

Home Mission Outreach – With the Spirit of compassion, this group ministers love to the sick and shut-in threw home care, hospital visitations, and extending helping hands to various areas of need.

Media Ministry – This ministry is dedicated to getting the word of God out and promoting the ministry through audio, video, and a variety of publications.

Nursing Home Ministry – This ministry visits those confined to assisted living facilities and ministers love, compassion, encouragement through prayer, the preached word, and sharing the love of God.

Prison Ministry – This ministry shares the word of God providing hope and encouragement to those confined to correctional facilities.

Women’s Ministry – Women of Standard provide workshops, seminars, and conferences for motivating and empowering the women of God to reach their full potential.

Men’s Ministry – Man of Standard- The purpose of this ministry is to train and empower the men of God to walk and the power and the authority of the Word of God.

Prayer Warriors/ Intercessors – Intercessory prayer is crucial to any ministry. Saint should constantly seek the face of God concerning the ministry, His will, and His people. Intercessors must have a praying spirit, a disciplined life, and be sensitive to the Spirit of God.